Episode 8: Batman Begins (2005)

Half a world away from his home, an orphan learns the secrets of the Ninja to avenge the deaths of his parents…

…and becomes the World’s Greatest Detective!

Casey and Todd dissect the first entry into the Nolanverse as Christian Bale finds his Bat-voice. This might be the most debate-filled episode so far!

While you’re getting ready to watch The Last Jedi join the guys as they watch Qui-Gon Jinn teach his young padawan!

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Things we talked about

Years ago, Todd went to the Marvel Movie Marathon for the premiere of the first Avengers movie. Read about it here.

Bob Kane’s original Batman – thank you Bill Finger!

Bats are red, right?
Screen tests!

Far funnier men then we dissect Michael Caine’s accent! Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon in The Trip.

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