Episode 16: Supergirl (1984)

Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s… Superman’s cousin!

The guys are joined by special guest Shannon as they go back in time to revisit 1984’s Supergirl.

Also, be sure to watch Joey’s take on this classic!!!

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Things We Talked About

Argo fuck yourself!

When you visit Branching Out Bottle Shop be sure to say hi to Barley the Shop Dog! (Maybe fill a growler while you’re there as well!)

Hans and Franz are here to…

It’s a good thing that they dropped the headband from the Supergirl costume design…

Superman appears in Supergirlas a movie poster.

Zaltar is giving off a real rapey vibe in his Cosby sweater. Ew!

How do you feel about Cleveland?

Nigel is single and ready to mingle!

Was there supposed to be tension in this scene?

Todd wrote about comics as representative of culture at the time in “Kung Fu and Jive Turkeys: Heroes for Hire

Wait! Is this Supergirl or Sleeping Beauty?

Todd will never miss an opportunity to deliver his impression of Darrell Hammond’s impression of Sean Connery!

“Are you sure? I made some yesterday. Spelled your name in a snowbank. Of course, it was your mother’s handwriting! HA- HA! She was holding the pen…” (Skip to around 7:20 in the clip…)

Branching Out Bottle Shop

Branching Out Bottle Shop provides the largest selection of premium quality and unique craft beer to the growing Syracuse region. Check them out on Facebook! (Be sure to say hi to Barley! Carissa and Joel are pretty cool as well!)

Good Nature Brewing

Good Nature Brewing is located here in central NY in Hamilton. It was founded in 2010 and is one of New York’s first FARM BREWERY. That means they source a lot of their ingredients from New York farmers.

Their mission:

To contribute to a socially, economically, and ecologically thriving community, and to foster a sense of pride, ownership and a deeper connection to home through truly GOOD NATURED BEER.

We drank their Good Natured Blonde!

Take a look at what they’ve got on Facebook or the web!

315 Chiropractic and Wellness

Their goal is to improve people’s lifestyles through Chiropractic care, exercise, nutrition and life coaching. They offer chiropractic care, fitness plans, nutrition plans and consultations, and life coaching. Chiropractic care by Dr. Timothy Whiting, life coaching/personal training by Christina Watson.

Check them out on Facebook or call them at (315) 464-0030.

Lettuce Go Productions

They are working on a web series “The A-‘Meh’-ngers”! It looks pretty good! (If you live in the Dallas, TX area be sure to check out the cool stuff they are doing in the area!)

Take a look over at Facebook!

What’s Next?

Shannon pulled The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen from Thor’s helmet. She doesn’t look confident…

Rotten Tomatoes rates the movie at 17%


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