Episode 10: R.I.P.D. (2013)

A secret organization standing between humanity and beings from another place. A seasoned veteran must partner with a rookie to stop a threat that can end our world.

Men in Black? Not exactly…

For the episode ten, Casey and Todd are joined by Danny and David from the D&D podcast for R.I.P.D. But now that they’ve seen this movie, will they ever be able to Rest In Peace?

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Evil Twin’s No Hero from Branching Out Bottle Shop.

Things we talked about

Danny Barbour and David Witanowski are the co-hosts of the D&D podcast on Soundcloud. Check it out here. Casey and Todd joined them for The 13th Warrior and Reign of Fire.

Danny’s stuff:
David’s stuff:
Well of course we’ve got to show her ass. For scientific purposes…

Papa is a goddamn handsome man… but he didn’t like Logan.

Ever see one of those shots that makes you think, “This was clearly done just for the 3-D look.” Something like this?
It is your birthday.

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