Episode 11: The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)

There was an idea…

An idea that the beer-and-bullshit conversations which the Three Nerdmigos had been having for years might be entertaining to other people…

So how fitting that Casey and Todd are joined by the third member of the gang for their latest episode? Join the Three Nerdmigos as they dissect Sony’s last attempt for a solo Spider-Man picture… 2012’s The Amazing Spider-Man!

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Things We Talked About

Spider Inferno has some amazing cosplay!

“My voice is my passport” from Sneakers

CBR.com tells how Marvel gave Peter Parker organic webshooters.

“There are dozens of us – DOZENS!”

Branching Out Bottle Shop

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Spider Bite Beer Company

Founded in 2008, Spider Bite Beer Company is located on Long Island. They were awarded the 2012 FX Matt Memorial Cup for “Best Craft Brewery” in NY State. They are on Facebook and the web.
Spider Bite Beer Company’s Boris the Spider from Branching Out Bottle Shop

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