Episode 13: Watchmen (The Ultimate Cut) (2013)

Time has called Watchmen one of the 100 greatest novels of all time. Casey and Todd are joined by Todd’s Air Force buddy Chuck as they ask themselves, “Who watches the Watchmen?”

Plus there’s a blue cosmic space dong.

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Things We Talked About

Alan Moore is the man! (And a little bit scary…)

Zack Snyder loves showing the original art in the movie…

Or playing with iconic images…

There was enough room for Jack and Rose!

Edna Mode is all about safety! No capes!

Neil Armstrong is the ultimate bro! “Good luck, Mr. Gorsky!

What is an Anti-Hero, anyway?

Hawkeye: My Life as a Weapon by David Aja and Matt Fraction

Instead of a Dr. Manhattan-esque explosion, the graphic novel’s mass killer was an “alien”.

What would Comedian’s funeral scene sound like with Disturbed’s cover of “The Sound of Silence”? Of course someone added the cover to the movie scene

Nite Owl may have the best finishing move in the movie!

“Not here, or here so much. Right here.”

…the greater good…

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Southern Tier Brewing Company

Southern Tier, located in Lakewood, NY., southwest of Buffalo. Founded in 2002, Southern Tier has grown into a brewer distributed across more than 30 states. We drank their Manhattan Ale. They are on Facebook and the web.

Lazy Dog Beer Shoppe

Chuck visited Lazy Dog in Londonderry before joining us for the podcast. Say hi to Matt and Jen as well as the aformentioned lazy dog – Honey. Visit them in NH or on Facebook or the web.

Brooklyn Brewery

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Thank you to Brian at Goosechumps (a podcast devoted to tongue-in-cheek reviews of the Goosebumps TV series – available on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play and Podcast Addict). Brian pointed out that the “four-legged chicken” line in the movie references this specific panel in the original comic.

Four Legged Chicken

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