BONUS: Planet Hulk (2010)

We are joined by two favorite guests: Chuck (Watchmen) and Colin (Man of Steel, Superman) as we… discuss?… the 2010 direct-to-video animated Planet Hulk!

Hey – there are no rules! It’s summertime, the kids are still up, if we don’t exactly talk about the movie…


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Things We Talked About

Todd was referencing the Creature Commandos from DC Comics’ Weird War Tales.

Did you watch the movie? Who do you think they are showing in the Illuminati?

“Dr. Disco” isn’t too far off from Steve Ditko’s original design for Dr. Strange.

There was a deleted scene from the Ed Norton The Incredible Hulk that was pretty bleak.

Todd got Quasar’s wristbands wrong – they aren’t the Nega Bands. They are the Quantum Bands!

Walt Simonson’s run on Thor will forever define the character!

Did you see the Beta Ray Bill Easter egg in Thor: Ragnarok?

Star-Lord had a cameo in Planet Hulk!

Have you seen Robot Chicken’s take on Boba Fett going out like a punk?

In The Uncanny X-Men Vol. 1, issue 234 we see Wolverine transforming into a member of the Brood! Great cover!

There is an EXTREMELY NSFW gif of Hulk and Black Widow in an… intimate moment. We’re not going to post it. We’re not going to link to it. But it’s not very hard to find. If you need to see it for, like, research or something.

Pipe Dream Brewing

They are Veteran Owned with West Coast inspired beer, tasting room with brewery tours & Pub food. If you are in Londonderry, New Hampshire pay them a visit!

Chuck brought the delicious U Juicin’ Bro?

Check them out on the Facebook or the web!

Lone Eagle Brewing

Lone Eagle Brewing is a local craft Brewery in Flemington, NJ.

In honor of the Green Monster, Colin brought the New England Chowdah! (Brilliant!)

Go see what they are up to on Facebook and the web!



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