Episode 20: The Incredibles (2004)

We close out Season 1 of The SuperPodHeroCast with a couple of great guests (Disney-fanatics Shannon and Shawn) and an amazing superhero movie… 2004’s The Incredibles!

So before you catch The Incredibles 2 this weekend, spend some time with your favorites guys (and a gal!) with beers talking about movies with capes.

Stay tuned for special episodes over the next couple of months and Season 2 starting up at the end of summer!

Be heroic!

Season 1 Finale

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Things We Talked About

Does everyone know what a spit take is?

OH. MY. GOD. There are SOOOOO many drinking games for The Incredibles! (Seriously, just Google it.)

Have you ever seen a prank as cruel as the one pulled on this mom? Disowning her children seems reasonable.

Do they make Incredibles jammies for adults? We couldn’t find them. Did you? Tell us!

Do NOT doubt Shannon and Shawn’s Disney cred!

Shawn and Shannon and Buzz

(We don’t have a pic of both of them with The Incredibles because Shawn didn’t think The Incredible’s costumes looked good enough!)

Shannon and the guys - the OTHER guys

Does Dash smile before he drops into the water? NOPE! Casey was 100% right! (Todd here. It pains me to admit it but Casey was spot on!)

Got nothing to do for the next couple of days? Check out TV Tropes.

Who are Disney’s Nine Old Men?

Of COURSE there’s a Pixar World Theory.

Mole Man is a classic Fantastic Four villian. The Underminer is an obvious nod to the FF.

Branching Out Bottle Shop

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Barrier Brewing Co.

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What’s Next?

Season 2 will open with 1989’s The Punisher starring Dolph Lungren. Rotten Tomatoes has it at 28%!

Watch the trailer to see what we’re up against!

That’s A Season!

Thank you to everyone who listened and especially to everyone who was compelled to email us (because only Cap writes letters!)

We’ve loved every minute of this and can’t wait to come back for Season 2!

Be heroic!

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