BONUS: Road Trip to BAM (Movin Right Along)

We took a roadtrip to the Brooklyn Academy of Music to catch the comedy brilliance of TWO How Did This Get Made? live episodes. (We sat through the god-awful Yes, Giorgio! and the cheesey Beastly to prepare!)

We brought along our digital recorder and grabbed some audio from the trip.


Get the episode on Podbean | iTunes | (or wherever you get your podcasts….)

Things We Talked About

Some rumored Avengers 4 concept art leaked online.

Casey was right. Todd was wrong. Cap epicly holds down a helicopter thanks to bicep curls in Captain America: Civil War.

If you are in Syracuse, check out Cloud City Comics. Keep your local comic book store alive!

The Redditor u/ResidentBlackGuy BRILLIANTLY matched up Arrested Development characters with Donald Trump statements. Check it out over on Reddit. Also, he co-hosts the Black & Yellow podcast exploring the ins and outs of pop culture, sports, politics and relationships – go give them some social media love!

You can ABSOLUTELY buy a 100-sided die.

Back in action with Colin at the Blind Tiger!

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