Episode 18: Superman (1978)

We recorded this episode shortly before Margot Kidder passed away. We’ve lost another icon.

“Any more at home like you?”

No, Margot. You were one of a kind. We dedicate this episode to you.

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Things We Talked About

Casey and Colin are a couple of characters!

Casey and Colin Costumes

Peter O’Toole put up some Wilt Chamberlin-level numbers!!!

What is “Ryker-ing“?

Marlon Brando’s infamous Last Tango in Paris caused him to have a warrant for obscenity which prevented them from filming in Italy.

Check out Superman The Movie: The Making of a Classic

Muhammad Ali as Superman? No way. They boxed each other!!!

If you saw this cover of People (January 8, 1979) you remember it!

Superman has some sweaty pits!!!

Clark in the wheat field? It’s Christina’s World!

We’d wear this as a t-shirt!

Grew up in Syracuse? You must remember Joe Orsak’s Captain ‘Cuse!

You’ve never heard of Funky Flashman? You’re missing out!

Christopher Reeve performs one of the most amazing pieces of physical acting ever on film. Watch Clark become Superman…

Branching Out Bottle Shop

Branching Out Bottle Shop provides the largest selection of premium quality and unique craft beer to the growing Syracuse region. Check them out on Facebook!

Voodoo Brewing Company

Voodoo Brewery is located in Meadville, PA. They opened in 2005. They write:

The Employee Owners of Voodoo Brewing Co. have taken our brewing experiences and quirky personalities and wrapped it up into a line of beers oriented around what we feel are fun, flavorful, and thought-provoking. We wish you enjoy our beers as much as we do brewing them. Cheers!

White Magick of the Sun is their Voodoo-ized version of a white ale… Spiced with coriander, bitter and sweet orange peel, juniper berries and 12 varieties of peppercorns.

Take a look on the web or Facebook.

The Alementary Brewing Co.

Colin brought a beer right out of Hackensack! Alementary Brewing Co. is on the web and Facebook.

Colin enjoyed the Modular Double IPA.

315 Chiropractic and Wellness

Their goal is to improve people’s lifestyles through Chiropractic care, exercise, nutrition and life coaching. They offer chiropractic care, fitness plans, nutrition plans and consultations, and life coaching. Chiropractic care by Dr. Timothy Whiting, life coaching/personal training by Christina Watson.

Check them out on Facebook or call them at (315) 464-0030.

What’s Next?

Colin pulled Unbreakable! No one was upset by that. Rotten Tomatoes has the movie at 69%.

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